10 Benefits of Rhodiola

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Rhodiola Rosea is an incredibly flowering herb that can do a lot for the body. It’s been used for several thousands of years in traditional medicine. It’s really great for improving mood.

Rhodiola contains 140 compounds that are beneficial. Let’s get into ten benefits that draw people to Rhodiola!

1. Rhodiola is neuroprotective. It has been shown to have therapeutic potential to help protect the body from neurodegenerative diseases

2. Rhodiola can be cardioprotective. Oh yes, this adaptogen can be great for the heart. One of the biggest reasons is that they see it as such an anti-stressor that it can almost help to soothe the heart in stressful times.

3. Rhodiola can be anti-fatigue. In one study of 100 participants, people reported back within a week of having less fatigue. This improved even more weeks following! It is a wonderful herb for those trying to drink less caffeine… but also feel they NEED caffeine. Rhodiola is wonderful to help transition over.

4. Rhodiola is amazing for cognitive function. Nursing students were once studied when it came to their mental and physical fatigue and most of them reported back improvement after supplementing with rhodiola. There was a review of 36 animal studies as well that look at how mental fatigue could improve with rhodiola.

5. Rhodiola may have a positive effect on blood sugar stability. With metabolic dysfunctions on the rise, it’s always good to eat things that support healthy blood sugar levels. There are certain compounds in rhodiola that act as a specific antioxidant that may protect pancreatic beta cells from oxidation– this is huge! Another theory is that rhodiola may increase glucose receptors in our cells- which can also help with blood sugar levels.

6. Rhodiola encourages mood. Specifically a balanced mood. Emotions, overall quality of life, better sleep.. Studies have shown that use of rhodiola overtime (usually measured around day 45) have improved levels of all these areas. It’s even been compared to some of the top medications out there prescribed for mood improvement.

7. Rhodiola helps prevent burnout. A lot of people take rholdiola because it supports the HPA axis (hypothalamus, pituitary glands, adrenal glands) and a strong HPA axis means less fatigue. Less reliance on caffeine. Less reactive with stress.

8. Rhodiola can help those with chronic stress. Yes, even within one week of use people have reported feeling less affected by stress or rather, more resilient towards stress in their life.

9. Rhodiola may improve exercise performance. While rhodiola has not been proven to extend exercise endurance yet, it did show to shorten reaction time in young, healthy males. Animal studies are also positive in this area yet of course– animals are very different than humans so that should be taken into account. But more research here is warranted.

10. Rhodiola has anti-aging properties. Rhodiola has been studied to be a powerhouse of antioxidants and life-extending properties! It is seen as an herb that promotes vitality and thousands of years of use continue to stand firm in this.

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