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We believe in 5-minute routines. They are doable. They make a difference. Anyone can do them and they are easy to stick to. SUSTAINABLE.

Can you pick one of these 15 to add to your potion routine?

Do one or a few of these before or AFTER your potion.


  1. Positive affirmations. Come up with three that you state out loud while looking in a mirror.

  2. Light stretching. Wherever feels tight in that moment.

  3. Read 3 pages out of a book. Every day, this will add up.

  4. Hang your head upside down. Either by bending and dropping your head to your ankles or hanging off a bed/couch. Circulation!

  5. Give yourself a hand massage with lotion that you left. Gets you into a relaxed states and nice for the skin on your hands.

  6. Take potion time as your symbol to reapply your sunscreen. Unless you drink it at night.

  7. Do a quick journaling of your current thoughts. Out of your head and onto paper.

  8. Send a daily text or love note to someone you love. Great for if you are having a hard time finding time but want to show love.

  9. Practice breath work for a few minutes to energize the mind or get into a parasympathetic state.

  10. Say a quick prayer or mediation. 

  11. Take this time to do a neck or facial massage, especially if you are tensed up looking at a screen all day.

  12. Take a few minutes to do ONE clean up task if you know that organizing clears your mind.

  13. Make this “do a nicey time.” Make someone’s day by leaving a review. Answering a Q on the internet. Share something online.

  14. Practice your BALANCE. So important for longevity. Practice a few poses that challenge your balance every day.

  15. DANCE. Pick a song and just DANCE with no inhibitions. 

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