5 Benefits of He Shou Wu (Fo-Ti)

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He Shou Wu (also known as Fo-Ti) is an incredible root that hails from China. It is commonly used in Traditional Chinese Medicine and is praised as one HECK of a powerhouse. It’s scientific name is Polygonum multiflorum.

There are many studies done on He Shou Wu in the medical and spiritual world. Acupuncturists, functional medicine doctors and herbalists prescribe He Shou Wu all the time for various things. Let’s explore the benefits of this root and why we chose to include it in the Stamina Blend.

Benefits of He Shou Wu

1. He Shou Wu is a potent anti-inflammatory

Studies have been done on mitochondria/Nrf2/AMPK activation in regards to taking regular He Shou Wu supplements.

2. He Shou Wu can protect the liver

The beauty is in the details and supplementing right, but He Shou Wu can protect the liver (at the right dosage and when prepared correctly) due to all the polysaccharides and anthraquinones in He Shou Wu. This helps with inflammation due to its high amount of specific antioxidants.

3. He Shou Wu is great for the immune system

This root, for many generations, has been shown to be a root that is amazing for the immune system. It’s been shown that it can boost natural killer cells! Which is a part of our body’s natural defense system that we want.

4. He Shou Wu is beneficial for the brain

He Shou Wu has been shown to be neuroprotective. There was a Chinese study done on He Shou Wu on Alzheimer’s patients- showing it can help brain function and reduce amyloid plaque.

5. He Shou Wu is nourishing for the blood

He Shou Wu is a well-known blood nourisher and builder. Oftentimes it is used by Ayurvedic and TCM practitioners in their hair formulas because it helps boost and cleanse the blood. This helps circulation, which can help hair. It is wonderful for warming the body.

Something to know about He Shou Wu:

It is incredibly important that He Shou Wu is consumed in its processed form (which is the traditional way of using it.) This means cured in a black bean stew. This gives it significant changes in its chemical profile, which we want because it makes it healthier and less harsh on the body. In its raw form, He Shou Wu can be tougher on the system.

He Shou Wu has been used to help support many ailments and promote longevity, but there are cases in which He Shou Wu induced hepatotoxicity which caused liver injury. It should be noted that this can be mitigated by proper proportions and processing of the plant.

For reference, it is recommended to keep it under 12grams per day. We use less than 1 gram. Enjoy those vitality boosting and energy giving effects safely!

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