5 Best Times For The Stamina Blend

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The Stamina Blend… it holds a special place in people’s hearts. It’s a signal to slow the heck down for a second and regain composure. Whether that is mentally or physically. We all need a five minute break flooded with intention that brings us back into our bodies and a more managed mental state. Checking in is productive. And soothing adaptogens? Well, your adrenal glands, which deal with stress, love them.

So drink your potion and practice your five minutes of intention a day and you’ll be more in control of moods than ever before. Hopefully you’ll be sleeping better too. And drinking less caffeine. Stress? We know her, but we aren’t overtaken with her anymore. Like she’s there… always will be, but we know how to “blunt” it now before it gets out of hand.

Top five times to take the stress blend.

1. After any phone/zoom call with your boss

Let’s be honest… even if you’re “friends” (Sure, sure) every conversation with a boss breeds a heightened sense of low-grade anxiety. Some times high grade, which really sucks. In ether case, drinking your potion, sending signals of safety to your nervous system after a riveting phone call with the boss.. Is going to recalibrate you.

2 After your kids have been screaming for two hours

LUCKY YOU! Awwww aren’t they so precious. Okay, time for a potion though. Like really, go center yourself. Do some deep breathing. Lock everyone out of the room. Drink up, maybe a little stretching right after. Then hop back in. You deserve this.

3. Impromptu Dance Parties

Don’t feel like a cocktail but want some ~feeling~? CACAO CACAO CACAO. Cacao is a heart opener, it activates the bliss molecule in the brain. Kind of perfect for before a dance party, no? Next time to drink cacao, observe your mood after. Notice a shift? Take that into your dance party. ;) Oh and the He Shou Wu gets the blood moving so it’s perfect for pre-dance or pre-workout.

4. Replacing That Afternoon Coffee or Tea

We are not anti-caffeine. We are anti TOO MUCH caffeine. There is a difference. Are you getting to that point where too much caffeine is almost having the opposite effect and now you’re feeling more run down? Try some adaptogens in caffeine’s place and build up your natural energy. It’s a ritual you will love, promise.


5. Before a Happy Hour or Replacing Your 6pm Cocktail

Cacao, once again, to loosen up those social inhibitions. The stress blend is such a feel good drink. It’s a perfect social beverage and instead of giving you a hangover, it’s going to benefit your entire body. Bonus: People will want to know what you’re drinking and you get to be the cool kid that says “a potion.” Queue the curiosity and something to talk about!

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