6 Benefits of Reishi Mushroom

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Reishi mushroom is the Queen of mushrooms. So versatile, so powerful. There is a reason that it's one of the main ingredients in the Stamina Blend. One of the best at producing that “zen” (but NOT tiring.) Let’s get into the benefits of this wonderfully powerful plant!

Benefits of Reishi Mushroom

1. Boosts immunity

One of the big reasons people are drawn to mushrooms in general is that they are so good for the immune system. And Reishi crushes it in this category. Reishi specifically has been shown to enhance white blood cell activity. This has especially been proven in people who are actively sick. And test tube studies have reported back higher functioning white blood cells as well.

2. Extremely high in antioxidants

If we aim to get more longevity and live a disease-free life, well… we want to be consuming a good amount of antioxidants. Powerful ones. And many of these reside in reishi mushrooms. Reishi has been proven in specific illness-related studies to boost certain functions of white blood cells and lower specific inflammatory markers.

3. Helps combat fatigue

Reishi has been falsely marketed as a mushroom to only take before bed. No way! It’s not an “energy” producing food but it does help combat fatigue overall. Perfect for keeping a healthy circadian rhythm. In a study done on breast cancer survivors, Reishi mushroom was taken for four weeks with reports of improved quality of life and less fatigue afterward. It has also been theorized that Reishi can regulate the body’s levels of testosterone, which is also tied to energy.

4. Provides mood support

Another thing that Reishi has been studied for is its ability to have an impact on chronic low mood and also feelings of anxiousness. It has been used in herbal medicine to help soothe the nervous system for decades. Reishi is a tonic herb, wonderful for the immune system, for the kidneys, for cellular health, so it makes sense why it would also help with low mood which is often tied to low energy and low energy is often tied to the very things that Reishi helps with.

5. Good for the heart

Caring for your heart is something people should start thinking about earlier than they think. Reishi has been shown to be supportive of that strong muscle. Reishi has been shown to help improve the “good” cholesterol levels and also lower triglycerides. However, some research says it has no effect. In herbal medicine,  it is considered a heart tonic widely because of the benefits it has on oxygenation in the body’s bloodstream.

6. Beneficial for blood sugar levels

Balancing blood sugar is a big key to so many things: Healthy hormones, energy, mood support, etc. And Reishi has been shown to be beneficial for balancing blood sugar. In certain animal studies, specific molecules in Reishi mushroom have been shown to reduce blood sugar levels. Human research is promising but still preliminary. However, Reishi does contain both beta-glucans and triterpenoids which have been shown to reduce blood sugar.


Reishi is a big ingredient in our Stamina Blend Worth trying. ;)

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