Why is Peruvian Gelatinized Maca the best?

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Quick nugget of knowledge: Maca is a cruciferous vegetable that kind of looks like a cross between a potato and a radish. It grows underground.

A lot of people in the health and wellness world are a bit behind with Maca. They see “raw maca” and think that is the best kind of Maca to consume.

I mean, HELLO. “Raw” sounds more nutrient dense, doesn’t it?

“Gelatinized” sounds overly processed, doesn’t it?

But these words are just words when it comes to Maca.

Here’s the deal: Whenever we look at scientific studies, they use gelatinized Maca. Never, EVER raw Maca.

Raw Maca is tough on the digestive system. It’s also less bioavailable in that form so it’s not as nutrient dense.

Gelatinized refers to taking out the STARCH that is in Maca. It makes the Maca easy on digestion, more bioavailable, and FOUR TIMES more nutrient dense!

There is also three varieties of Maca: Red, yellow, and black. All of wonderful, but it’s best to get all three.

Our Maca has all there. ;)

Our Maca is also grown in Peru and that is the native place for the plant! Maca sourced ANYWHERE ELSE is not the real deal. That would be boot-leg Maca.

Another thing to consider is the height at which the Maca was grown. The industry standard is Maca that is grown 12.500 feet above sea level. Some are less (not as good) and many are 12.500 feet.

Ours is grown at 14,000 feet above sea level. That’s significantly higher and means more antioxidants.

So in short, if you can get Maca that is:

  1. Gelatinized.
  2. Peruvian grown.
  3. Of all colors: Red, yellow and black.
  4. Grown at the highest elevation possible

…. Then YOU, my friend, have an efficient and effective Maca.

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