Why Men Benefit From Taking Maca

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Men benefit from taking maca even more than women do. And women can benefit from it a LOT. So it’s really a super adaptogen for men!

The studies around maca and its powerful benefits are usually tested on men too. So-- lucky you guys lol. Always nice to have that scientific confirmation. So take advantage. Try it. It’s a plant that is so life-giving to men and it could be wonderful for you!

When men think of maca, they should think: Strong, robust, full of stamina and vigour.
They should NOT think:  jolted, over-hyper, and intense.

Maca is for calmness, strength, stoicism. It supports the body in endurance and patience- both physically and mentally.

What is maca?

Maca is a cruciferous vegetable that kind of looks like a cross between a potato and a radish. It grows underground. It has adaptogenic effects- meaning it is going to help your body deal with stress by supporting your HPA axis. HPA axis is the hypothalamus, pituitary gland, and adrenal glands. Think of it almost as a way of how your endocrine (hormonal) system and central nervous system work. Their axis in working together. Adaptogens can help strengthen that.

Your HPA axis is extremely important to nourish as a men. A healthy HPA axis will help you be less reactive, more stoic, with healthy wake/sleep cycles, and an endurance you can count on.

What can maca do for men? What are the benefits of maca?

May boost fertility and sperm production. Studies are promising for this.  For thousands of years, Peruvians have utilized maca for sexual health. One journal wrote (in 2002) that 40% of men who took maca for three months reported a big increase in both strength and sex drive by weeks 8 and 12. The placebo group felt no increase.

Maca is believed (in studies) to support in producing an increased sperm production and formation (and mobility!) in men.

May protect prostate health. This is a big reason men take maca. There is a condition called Prostatic Hyperplasia that many men fear because as you get older- it’s more likely to happen. That is, unless you care for your prostate! Caring for your prostate ahead of time would reduce the likeliness of it happening. The studies around maca and prostate health indicate that it might help in reducing enlargement of the prostate. Seems to be preventive and also offensive! Many scientific studies believe that maca acts on androgen receptors of the prostate- basically maca prevents hormones from binding up. You don’t want bounded up hormones- it can lead to prostate enlargement. 

May help build muscle. That’s right dudes! You know you love natural muscle building. And maca helps support that.

Maca can help with the building of muscles because it is rich in proteins that are bio-active-- aka they promote muscle growth, and in a healthy way!

Athletes love maca for the bio-active protein.

Maca helps with both mental and physical endurance. When you think of older men who seem to STILL be go go go with their lives- the idea of true endurance comes to mind. We almost think of some kind of superman. Unstoppable! Now of course, maca isn’t the sole thing that will do that for you. But it can support in getting you there. It can support both mentally and physically.

With physical support, maca has shown that it can increase endurance in physical matters like labor intensive jobs or workouts.

With mental support, maca has shown that it can increase focus and memory power through strengthening the hypothalomus. The hypothalomus works together with the pituitary gland-- whose main job is to balance focus and energy.

Maca helps support a healthy libido. A healthy libido means a healthier, more vital you. It supports proper neurotransmitter expression. A healthy libido is an indicator of a healthy hypothalamus in the brain. It is not wonder that maca can help just on this fact alone. Maca being an adaptogen, it helps support a healthy HPA axis. The hypothalamus, pituitary gland, and adrenal glands. Libido lies in the hypothalamus region of the brain. Studies show it’s often around the 6 week mark that you’d see effects in this area (if it ends up benefiting you in that way) But everyone is different in when they see/feel results.

Maca can support your bones. This also goes hand in hand with the muscle building- we must keep the bones strong too. Luckily, maca also has bone building nutrients within it like magnesium, iron, potassium, silica, and calcium. We need more human studies, but given the nutrients in maca, root cause medicine could argue that maca is bone supportive.

It has been shown to increase bone health in menopausal women. Correlation! So it is possible to help older men as well.

Maca can increase your natural energy. Maca helps with energy. We see maca’s involvement with the HPA axis, so that makes sense why one could experience more energy on a deeper level after utilizing maca. This benefit  has been reported for thousands of years within Peruvian culture.

It’s also a safer way to gain more energy, especially for those who intuitively feel like caffeine does not do well for their body (or in excessive amounts.)

Maca supports healthy blood sugar levels. Another thing is that maca has been shown to help regulate blood sugar levels, which is so important when it comes to mood and insulin and so much more! Balanced blood sugar levels means more sustained energy.

Studies have mainly been based around Type 2 Diabetes patients. More studies are warranted!

What is the best kind of maca for men?


There are still brands and people in the health and wellness world that are behind with Maca- yes even some who sell it! Many of theme are using raw maca. Or maca not from Peru. Or non-organic maca. Or maca that was grown far too low in altitude. Or maybe they don’t incorporate all three of the maca’s colors. You want the most bioavailable, REAL DEAL maca.

The best maca (in our opinion)  would be described as such, “Organic Peruvian Gelatinized Maca-- Of All Three Color Varieties, Grown At And Altitude over 12,000 Ftt Above Sea Level In The Andes of Peru.”

That’s what we use. Not to brag. But also bragging because our maca holds a lot of intention and is meant to work well for you. WHY would you want crap maca? Lol. Get the best if you can!

By the way, gelatinized is when they take the starch out of maca. Making it more bioavailable, easy on digestion, and more nutrient dense. It’s the way Peruvians have utilized it for thousands of years-- and is the kind they prefer in modern day studies.

How men can utilize maca

Maca has stimulating properties, so it is best to take in the morning or afternoon. It’s not SUCH a strong pendulum swing that it would keep you up at night like caffeine might, but it definitely gives off a mild boost of stamina. Best to take advantage of that during the day!

Men love the Stamina Elixer (our product!)  in their coffee, or simply on its own. It has the maca we love in it, plus four other ingredients that are super complementary to what maca can do.

A lot of guys take maca first thing in the morning or mid day. Like during a work out. Also, a lot of guys are trying the Stamina Elixer before their workouts and are reporting back with feeling more mindfulness and endurance in their workouts.

You can also try taking maca on its own! But keep in mind you want high quality. Not all maca on the market is equal. Once you know that, you’re golden because you’ll know what to pick.


It makes a lot of sense both logically and emotionally why the men of Peru have cherished the life-giving properties of maca for thousands of years. It can be a true support in one’s life.

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