About Violet Fog Potions

So What Is The Mission At Violet Fog Potions?

Our mission is simply to be the adaptogen blend that we wanted for ourselves.

What does that look like?

I think it’s things you want too.

First - A product that works

Violet Fog Potions is a brand that puts FUNCTIONALITY and DOSAGE first.

Great ingredients are one thing- but they are often needed in more potent dosages than we are seeing on the average.

Second - Quality

A huge emphasis on sourcing and how ingredients are prepared. For instance, gelatinized maca over raw maca, Ashwagandha without additives, Plants from their native country. Organic. Gluten-free. Vegan.

This matters deeply to us. (and hopefully to you too)

And Finally... EDUCATION.

Educating you and our community about the benefits of plants that we put in potions.

Education that food really is medicine and the issues in today's food system.

Educating ourselves and our employees to make our products and services continuously better for you.

And lastly, committing to using a portion of our profits to educating our youth about food early on so we can leave this place a little better.

+ the list can go on and on. But we will leave it there.

Ok... But Who Are We

So we are that couple who is neurotic about the health… yet laid back. You know, the type who thinks sitting in a 150 degree sauna on a Saturday afternoon is one hell of a time yet also eats noodles and cookies every week. We think health should be both serious and fun. Katey has been making potions as part of her wellness routine for the past 7 years, where Dan got to join along on that ride for the past 3.

Katey's Story

Katey believes that our body’s are uniquely and beautifully made. Capable of healing and living well into our senior years in a way that screams: THRIVING. She believes it’s through nutrition, prayer or meditation, and movement that we can get there. She's been a health and wellness writer for years and potions have been something she's made for herself and loved ones on the side for over a decade.

It’s somewhat of a love language ;)

There was a point in her life where wellness wasn't always prioritized.

Addictions to Adderall, antidepressants, sleeping pills… and by the time she kicked all of that, her neurotransmitters were FRIED.

They went haywire.

She felt a lack of control of her emotions and began to experience significant brain fog. So much so she'd often forget what she was saying in the middle of sentences.

The first superfood she began to research and try was cacao, then lion’s mane… and so on and so forth. She found over time the importance of dosage, where you source matters, and what it takes to really make these life giving foods work for you.

She's been able to repair the damage done and now uses these adaptogen blends as a way to supplement what she wants to achieve:

- Mental and Physical Endurance

- A strong immune system

- Calm.

And in 2020 she started Violet Fog Potions to share these drinks with other people.