Frequently Asked Questions

Why take adaptogens? TO CURB THAT STRESS, YO.

Adaptogens are herbs that have been shown to help the body process stress. It helps bring the body into alignment. They help it so you don’t “spike” as high when things are stressful. This helps bring your body back to rest and digest aka your parasympathetic mode.

So, if you do some reading, le old google search, some of the top articles will say that it doesn’t make a difference.

Do some deeper searching and you’ll see it DOES matter.

For one, criollo cacao (from Peru) tends to be higher in theobromine. This is like fertilizer for the brain. It often tends to be higher in other nutrients as well. If you ever go to a cacao ceremony, it’s typically criollo cacao they are using.

Somewhere between 2-5% of the world’s cacao is from the Criollo tree. So you can see how scared it is. We also think the taste and smell is quite superior.

Very rarely do we pay attention to our blood. In Chinese medicine, they think it as our life force. We don’t want it stagnant. We don’t want it low-vibrancy in color. We don’t want little of it.

We want free-flowing blood. Bright blood. High vibrancy! Our blood carries nutrients throughout our bodies. It has a big play in our circulation system. In our skin.

Blood building or blood nourishing ingredients are important to consume each day. That is why each of our blends has a good amount of blood building herbs in them. However, like ALL herbs, you do not want to overdo it. A small bit goes a long way so long as the plant is grown with integrity and purity in mind.

You can, but really you should stick to one serving a day. Cacao, while it is brilliant and people SHOULD be consuming it every day, like many foods of the earth, can contain some trace lead. It’s soooo small BUT we operate conservatively so we recommend the single dose! Same thing with Chinese herbs, we put enough to make a difference, enough to be wonderful for the body… but it’s strong! Don’t overdo it. You also don’t need to have the mindset that “more is better.” The right dose is better! This also applies to adaptogens.

Short answer: You can get away with a few servings, but don’t. It’s not needed. And many people enjoy switching back and forth between the blends, depending on what they want to feel. There is often overlapping ingredients which we feel is important to get in every day: Such as criollo cacao and blood nourishing herbs.

Just stick to one. Don’t go over two. But really, one is enough!

To maintain freshness and thus nutrient density- use within 6 months.

We DEFINITELY recommend checking with your medical provider on this one. Short answer: Avoid just in case. Pregnancy and breastfeeding is a unique time in life!

From their native origins. Many “blend” companies source from one place to keep it cheaper. Sourcing from the plant’s native habitate does two things: One, higher nutrition value. Two, supports to country the plant comes from!

Here’s our breakdown of ingredients we use:

1- Criollo Cacao: Peru.

2. Gelatinized Maca: Peru.

3. Ashwagandha: India.

4. He Shou Wu: China.

5.Mushrooms- California.

You got it dude.

1. Criollo cacao- Going to be great for the brain and fighting oxidative stress. Criollo cacao has 40X more antioxidants than blueberries, to scale.

2. Maca- Really great for stamina, endurance, stress levels and libido. Also nourishing for the adrenals.

3. Ashwagandha- Wonderful for the adrenals and also stress levels.

4. He Shou Wu- A longevity herb that is great for nourishing blood.Reishi mushroom- Very good for the immune system, adrenals, and stress levels.

You don’t have to, but potions really do have the foundation of being personal, a ritual, a daily signal to yourself that you are worth the extra time and effort to be your highest, most vital self. We believe stretching right after drinking a potion promotes more of a bliss feeling and really helps you go into the day feeling better. It’s hard to commit to a 60 minute (or even 30 minute!) yoga class. It is easier to commit to 5 minutes of stretching, which is a longevity practice (like like drinking our potions are) and really helps you feel better and more composed going into the day

Yes! We do recommend pairing it with some fat (A mylk. Some MCT oil, etc.) To unlock some of the fat soluble vitamins like Vitamin A.

Not necessarily, although it’s yummy to do so! Sweeteners we recommend: Date paste, date syrup, Vermont or Canadian pure maple syrup, yacon syrup, or lucuma.

See some other recipes HERE.

We source from organic, ethical farms that practice farming techniques that honor the earth and soil.

Our products are organic, gluten-free, Vegan, Paleo, and Non-gmo.

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